How It Works


Your existing site doesn't cut it.

Customers tell you your website looks tiny on their smartphone. Plus, they're unpleasantly surprised that your prices have changed — your website guy forgot to update your new prices again.


Create your mobile menu in minutes.

Fed up, you create your own mobile menu with Menu Dart's simple menu builder. It looks great on all mobile devices, and you make price adjustments that update instantly — no stale info.


Simply add your new menu to Yelp.

Armed with your Menu Dart menu, you surf to your business's Yelp page and add your menu web address. There, your customers that find your business on Yelp will enjoy browsing your menu!

Hey Food Trucks!

  • At a different location everyday?
  • Instantly update your new address, anytime.
  • Customers can finally find your spot!


Looks great on all major mobile devices: iPhone, Android, Blackberry, Windows Phone, more
Your customers don't need to download an app — your menu is the app
One-click phone dialing to your business
One-click Google Maps to your business address
Social media buttons for Yelp, Facebook, Twitter
Menu is fully hosted online for you: No traffic limit, high-availability
Divert mobile visitors from your existing website to mobile menu
Cancel subscription anytime, unused days are pro-rated
Secure, modern payments via Stripe:   

Try Menu Dart Free, It's On Us!

  • Go ahead, give us a spin for 30 days, free.
  • Your credit card info is not needed.
  • Let us win you over!

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